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Diver with Lemon. Thumbs up if you would love to do this. 

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"An Underwater Art Gallery Only Accessible with an O2 Tank and a Wetsuit" 

Just off the coast of Florida, 130 feet beneath the ocean’s surface, there is an art gallery – a real, full-fledged art gallery. Adorning the walls of the “gallery” (an artificial reef created by the 10,000 ton sunken ship of the USS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg) are photographs taken by Austrian photographer and diver Andreas Franke. If you don’t think the location of the gallery is crazy enough, check out the photographs themselves. Franke superimposed photographs of everyday life (laundry, ballet class, the movie theater) upon other photographs of the ship/reef’s actual interior so that it seems like entire lives are being lived 130 feet beneath the sea. 

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porcelain crab #2 Porcelain crabs are decapod crustaceans in the widespread family Porcellanidae, which superficially resemble true crabs. They are typically less than 15 mm (0.6 in) wide, and have flattened bodies as an adaptation for living in rock crevices. They are delicate, readily losing limbs when attacked, and use their large claws for maintaining territories. [Wikipedia] by tbanny